Social Services Technical And Business Staffs

About Us

 SSTABS is an organization comprised of employees from the various departments of social/human services throughout the state of Colorado.  The organization is governed by a set of bylaws and the members pay dues to become members.  Membership is limited to non-social work employees.

A Brief History

 On October 15, 1954, a group of clerical and technical employees from Colorado's county welfare departments met to discuss the need for an association exclusively for welfare employees who are engaged in non-social work activities.

 The group attending the meeting unanimously agreed to form an association to provide welfare office management improvement through study, research, training and exchange of ideas among participating members.

 Early in 1955, a formal constitution and By-Laws was adopted, establishing the CWSBA (Colorado Welfare Systems and Business Association).  Soon afterward, district chapters of CWSBA were organized in Denver, Greeley, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

 Effective January 1, 1972, this organization, due to the consolidation of the service agencies in Colorado, changed its name to SSTABS (Social Services Technical And Business Staffs) to encompass all members.

 On April 7th, 2009 there was a vote at the Spring Conference Business Meeting  to change the name of our organization to CONECT (Colorado Human Services Ongoing Network of Experience and Collaborative Training), based on the changing business operations throughout the state of Colorado, and the need for our name to reflect our ongoing purpose.

Due to member concern, there was another vote by the membership in July 2010, and the name was again changed back to SSTABS by a majority vote of paid members, with a new mission statement.